Yes ! Angels are real ...
 They are the
" Shining Beings of Light and Love "
that come directly from the Heart
of Our Mother and Father God
to help guide and protect Us as We
travel this " Human journey "
on Our Beloved Earth.

There are some People
 who can see Them,
but because They are made of " Light "
not Everyone can ....
It does not matter if You can
see Angels or not , for You can always
feel Their warm , positive , Loving
energy around You .
However , if You take the time
out to relax and meet
Your Angels , then it
makes the time with Them
so much more Special !

Because Angels are made of " Light " ,
They can take any shape We
want Them to .... so if We feel
scared by seeing Them as
Big Bright Golden Lights ,
They will take the shape of a
Beautiful Human in a long dress
with huge feathery wings .

If You want to make sure that
this is a true Angel that You
are seeing , then ask it
3 times...
" Are You from the Light ? " ...
if the Angel stays , then You know
that it is real ....
if it goes away , then You know
that it was just a cheeky energy
pretending to be an Angel ! 
Remember , Your Guardian Angel
will always make sure that
You come to no harm .
Yes ! Your Guardian Angel
is always with You ....
We are so busy all the time that
We can not always see Our Angels ...
But We can hear Them whispering
Their Guidance gently
in Our ears ...
Here is an easy way to
meet Your Angel ...
( Remember to always say
" Thank You "
to Your Angels for Their
Help , Guidance
and Protection .)


Your Angels are around
You all the time ...
there is a rule that Angels
can only come to You
if You invite Them too ....
Almost like inviting Your
Friends to come and visit You .
This is so that You do not
take the Angels for granted ,
or abuse Their Loving energies ,
and just boss Them around !
 If You are in a
dangerous situation ,
the Angels will always come
and help You !

By saying...
" Thank You Angels for being with Me "
" Thank You Angels for Protecting Me "
or just
" Angels help Me ! "
will bring the Angels to
Your side .

You do not have to know all the
names of the Angels ,
as the right One will always
be sent to You !
You also don't have to have a
" problem " to call the Angels .
They like to just
 relax and talk to You too !


There are no rules for how to
talk to the Angels .
Because the Angels are
always around Us ,
We can talk to Them all the time !
You do not have to talk
out loud , as Angels can hear
all Our thoughts .
Never forget that there is
nothing too big
or too small for the
Angels to help You with ...
You can talk to Them about anything ,
from things that may be
worrying You to things that
 make You happy .
Angels always give the best advice !

Angels Love to play too ...
so You can always invite
Them to join in with
Your games .
Angels do not like to compete ...
They just Love to play for fun !

5....Can the Angels help Me to make
 My Dreams come true ?

The Angels know that We are here
to lead a happy , healthy
and Loving Life .
They also like to remind Us that
Our Dreams are Our Soul's
purpose for being here ,
and that They Love to help
Us follow Our Dreams
and make them come true ...
for that is what makes
Us truly happy !

6 ...How do My Angels Guide Me ? 

Angels leave Us messages ,
and guide Us in all different ways...
sometimes You will hear the
answer in the words of a song ,
 just after You have asked a question ...
or You pick up a book ,
a card or find a
piece of paper flying in
the wind with a
message written on it ...
sometimes You hear someone talking
to another Person about
just what You were thinking of .

The Angels will always make sure
that You get Their messages
and advice ...
They also Love sending rainbows and
feathers or shiny crytal stones
to remind You that They are near !

7 ... Why are there so many sad ,
scared and lonely People if Everyone
 has Angels to look after Them ?

Even though We All have
 Angels around Us ,
not Everyone knows that
They are there !
Many of Us are told that Angels
only live in Heaven ,
and that We can not see or
 talk to Them .
This is , sadly , because most
Adults have been
taught to fear everything that
They can not see .
Their Angels are trying
Their best to talk to Them ,
and guide Them ,
but Everyone gets told that it is Their
" imagination talking to Them " .

The Angels are finding it hard to
make Everyone feel happy and
Loved , and that is why
Those who can see the Angels are
  making You aware of Them
 and how We can
all work together to make
 Everyone's life a Happy ,
Loving and Joyfilled one ... free
of all fears and worries ...
for that is what Everyone
truly deserves !